Review: Humblemaker Coffee Co.

Covers Products: Bright White, Little Victory

Humblemaker Coffee Co. is a California-based company that produces high quality coffee products. Beyond that, the company is also cause-oriented, with both membership in 1% for the Planet and the creation of a “#tenforautism” campaign that puts 10 percent of the company’s annual profits into programs that enrich the lives of children with autism.

Still, none of this really matters if the product isn’t good and the company isn’t successful. While we can’t really predict the company’s fortunes, the product is quite tasty.

We sampled two varieties, Little Victory and Bright White, both of which are made with fairtrade and organic ingredients. Little Victory is a classic unsweetened and unflavored offering, with full-bodied, balanced flavor. Slightly nutty,with notes of chocolate, it’s very easy to consume. But for us, Bright White is really the standout of the pair. Bright White blends water, organic coffee, organic hemp milk, and organic sugar to create something that’s really delicious. It’s rich and creamy, but maintains a nice bold coffee flavor, too. And being dairy-free is definitely a plus.

On the outside, the company has chosen a 7.2 oz. dark amber glass bottle. It’s small, which could be an issue when compared with  the competition, but they’ve done a nice job of making the product look premium and polished. We’d even call it to the point where it’s eye catching. Still, we think there’s some potential for refinement in the messaging.

Both products seem to miss key attributes of what’s inside the bottle: Little Victory doesn’t state that it’s straight cold-brew coffee while Bright White doesn’t state that it’s dairy free. In both cases, you’ll have to read the ingredients panel, which is something that the consumer shouldn’t have to do. In the case of Little Victory, which has a more cluttered look than its counterpart, reducing the copy — and perhaps even getting rid of “Little Victory” as it isn’t overly descriptive — would be a good place to start.  

In addition, we’d love to see Humblemaker add USDA Organic certification to the mix. The product has both USDA Organic (and supposedly Fair Trade) ingredients and this would definitely help the product stand out further.

Lastly, we’re sort of wondering what the real point of differentiation is for Humblemaker. The products are definitely at a level of quality, flavor, and attractiveness that puts them on par with other brands, but there seems to be something lacking that would really push us over the edge to choose Humblemaker over one of the other premium cold-brews out there (and there are no shortage of them). Figuring out the answer to that is, at least from our perspective, a key piece of just how successful and scalable the product can be.