Review: GT’s Limited Edition “Liberty” Variety for Summer 2017

Covers Products: Liberty

GT’s Kombucha has recently released a new Summer seasonal flavor called “Liberty,” which will be available from Memorial Day through Labor Day 2017.

The product, which features watermelon, cherry, and lime, is a well-crafted formulation that does a great job of using classic summertime flavors. This all starts with the watermelon, which is the first flavor to hit your palate. From there, you’ll taste the raspberry and lime, which has an old-school soda shop style raspberry lime rickey flavor. Lastly, there’s the kombucha, which adds a slightly fermented note to the finish. And all of these flavors come from added juice rather than flavorings.

That being said, this is an extremely gulpable and mainstream oriented flavor. And it’s a nice showcase for just how far the category has come since its origins, when comparisons to vinegar were the norm. While we understand why they are launching this as a limited release product, it certainly has enough merit to be a part of the regular lineup.

We’d say the same for the packaging. It follows the same format used by their last limited edition flavor, Sharing Gratitude, which the company released for its 20th anniversary. It uses a painted-on label that gives the product a chic look.We’d love to see GT’s utilize this format more often.

GT’s has added a social cause to this product by creating a “#LibertyForAll” campaign. The campaign has the company donating $1 to the ACLU for each photo that’s posted on social media tagging both the hashtag and the company’s official social media account, @GTsKombucha. While this isn’t overly obvious from looking at the bottle (since it’s not really mentioned), it’s a bit of a bonus and certainly a nice gesture from the company.

Overall, GT’s Kombucha has done a really nice job with Liberty. The flavor and the packaging are both top notch.