She Makes 9 Carrot Cakes and Combines Them to Create the Ultimate Easter Dessert

Making a cake that looks like a giant carrot.

Carrot cake is a staple for your Easter dessert spread. But what’s better than one, measly carrot cake? NINE carrot cakes, combined to make one giant cake that also looks like a huge carrot on the outside! It’s carrot cake within a carrot, a.k.a. carrot-ception.

It’s not an easy feat making a cake this epic, which is why this video naturally comes from the cake genius Yolanda at How To Cake It. We’ve seen her make some pretty incredible cakes before, but this is one that everybunny is guaranteed to love. (Warning: More Easter puns to follow.)

For starters, there’s a lot to love about carrot cake. It’s moist and sweet, which goes perfectly with the tang of its traditional cream cheese frosting. Bottom line: few cakes are as decadent and perfect for the season as this one.

Clearly, Yolanda agrees with us!

She starts her giant carrot by baking nine carrot cakes of varying sizes and cutting the caramelization from the top and bottom of each cake. Then she frosts each cake with her homemade Italian meringue buttercream…which basically blows your basic cream cheese frosting out of the water.

To prevent the cakes from rolling away from her (which Yolanda apparently has nightmares about) she trims the side of each cake so it has a flat surface to sit on. She then lines them up in order of size to create her carrot shape and gently pushes them together — the buttercream in between each layer will act as the glue in this case, keeping the cakes together.

Shaving down the sides of rounded cakes.The basic shape of the carrot is in place, but Yolanda then shaves down the edges so they’re nice and round. She uses the excess cake to create a nice, sharp point to the carrot, which is a brilliant use of materials!

Crumb coating is next over the entire carrot-to-be. Those two layers are chilled and then the final Italian meringue buttercream goes on.

Then? It’s fondant time.

We’re sure you can guess what color the outside fondant is. Orange fondant is rolled out and cut to size before Yolanda uses her French rolling pin to drape it over her carrot cakes. She folds the fondant under the cakes and smooths it out as best she can; there are a few holes at the top of the cake, but that will quickly be covered by greenery, so she doesn’t carrot all about it. If you know what we mean.

Next, using a sculpting tool, Yolanda creates those indents that wrap around your average carrot. She also does some “carrot contouring” which you have to see for yourself.

The big question we were wondering was this: how was she going to make the greenery look realistic and stay upright? No surprise here, it’s an easy, brilliant trick. To see how she pulls it off and to see the final touches she makes on this epic carrot cake, you have to watch the How To Cake It video below!

You won’t regret it, the final result comes out looking eggcellent.

What do you think of this carrot carrot cake? Share your thoughts on this amazing Easter dessert in the comments section below.