Review: Koia Takes Plant-based Protein To New Levels

Koia Takes Plant-based Protein To New Levels

Koia has launched in three flavors: Cacao Bean, Vanilla Bean, and Coconut Almond. The product’s key selling points are its protein content (16-19 g per bottle depending on the variety), low sugar content, and non-GMO vegan formulation. It  also has some really sharp looking packaging.

The product has a viscous body that is rich and flavorful and the base features almond milk and a proprietary protein blend made from brown rice protein, pea protein, and hemp protein. From there, each of the flavors is sweetened with sugar and monk fruit extract, a zero calorie sweetener. Finally, they add the flavor for each particular SKU.

One of those brands where you end up with really similar tasting offerings between each of the SKUs. But, we do feel as though one of the flavors, Cacao Bean, really stands above the rest. The rich and slightly indulgent flavor of cacao does a really nice job of masking the flavor of the pea protein and monk fruit. Plus, it shows that caco is still the tried and true winner when it comes to ways of flavoring a protein drink. This flavor also has the highest protein content (19g per bottle), which doesn’t hurt either. As for the other two flavors, we feel as though there’s some fine tuning to do. Specifically, the coconut flavoring in the Coconut Almond is too pronounced for our liking and the Vanilla Bean needs help further minimizing the product’s aftertaste. Still, even as it stands right now, all three of these products are quite enjoyable.

Packaging is a 12 oz. plastic bottle, with a clear label that features a well executed two color design. The logo, which features conceptual illustration of a plant leaf, is inviting and approachable. It’s also really appealing to the eye, which should help consumers see it and want to pick it up. Plus, they’ve done a really nice job of cramming in a lot of info without making the product feel cluttered. We really like the white square on the lower portion of the label, which literally boxes the the key copy and draws your attention quickly.

Overall, Koia is one of the better-looking and better-tasting plant-based protein drinks that we’ve sampled to date. While there’s still some room to improve the flavor, they are definitely coming out of the gate strong with their initial offering.