Review: Mixwell Offers a Unique Approach to Premium Mixers

Dandelion Tonic Water, Mojave Grapefruit Soda, Young Ginger Ale

Mixwell, currently three flavors, is a line of premium sodas that were specifically designed as mixers. The flavors are Dandelion Tonic Water, Mojave Grapefruit Soda, and Young Ginger Ale, each of which comes in a 12 oz. slim can.

The company’s strategy looks like being very focused on being a product that goes behind the bar. While we have a hard time believing that zeroing in on that portion of the mixer segment is the right approach, what they’ve created is unique and enjoyable.

Mojave Grapefruit Soda

This starts with the packaging, which features really clean and eye catching design. They’ve done a great job making something that looks very attractive, but also has loads of copy while still being easy to read. The secret to that is the use of distinct panels on the front of the can, which your eye can quickly bounce between without being overwhelmed.

They’ve also decided to go with a resealable can, designed to keep the product fresh between uses. As a mixer, this is potentially important, since a full 12 oz. can might not be the right portion for whatever drink is being produced. However, this is a presumably more costly choice than a standard can and it’s a bit cumbersome, both in how it is opened (slower than a normal can) and poured (much more slowly than a standard can). That leaves us wondering if the positives outweigh the potential negatives with this particular choice. Regardless, it’s a slick looking package.

Young Ginger Ale

Inside the can, they’ve done a nice job crafting flavors that are extremely tasty and robust in body. Drinking them straight, the Mojave Grapefruit was our favorite of the bunch. It has a salty (there’s sea salt in it) and fruity flavor that is enjoyable in its own right. It’s also sweetened with agave, unlike the other two flavors, which are sweetened with sugar. The other two, Dandelion Tonic Water and Young Ginger Ale, feel much more geared towards being exclusively used as mixers. Both flavors have their own unique twist over their classic origins. For the Dandelion Tonic Water, it’s probably obvious that there’s a dandelion note, but they’ve also gone with a quinine-heavy formulation that is pretty intense. Young Ginger Ale features lemongrass and Thai basil extracts, which make for a floral, rather than ginger heavy, flavor profile. In the end, all three of these are enjoyable and memorable.

Ultimately, what they’ve created seems ready for prime time, but we wonder if the niche that they are after, which appears to be involving serious cocktail joints and their respective bartenders as the influencers, is something that’s going to propel this brand into a serious player in the space. More flavors, especially ones that can be consumed straight, and a more clear approach to retail are two thoughts that might help

.Dandelion Tonic Water