Greater Than | Product Reviews

Covers Products: Grape Vine (2016), Orange Mango (2016), Tropical Medley (2016)

Greater Than, a coconut water-based sports drink, has been through several iterations since it was launched in 2010. The formulation, packaging and branding have all been changed, which is pretty much par for the course for any product that’s trying to carve out a niche that doesn’t already exist. The company’s latest version, which is available in three flavors including Tropical Medley, Orange Mango, and Grape Vine, is its best work yet.

Tetra Pak carton with a resealable top. This gives the brand a polished look and makes it feel a bit closer to the coconut water category — Tetra Pak being a common package among coconut water products — than the sports drink and functional beverage categories, which typically use PET bottles.  The first and most obvious change comes with the packaging. Greater Than was previously packaged in a plastic bottle; it now comes in an 11.2 oz. The company has given it a two-tone design (white for the background and a specific color aligned with each variety) that is clean and easy on the eyes.

Plus, it’s very intuitive, with callouts for all of the key attributes, including the use of coconut water, the no sugar added and non-GMO formulation, and its classification as a sports drink and hydration beverage.

Inside the carton, the formulation has been given an upgrade. The most obvious change is a switch from stevia to monk fruit as the zero-calorie sweetener. We’re not sure if it’s simply the result of a sweetener change or something else, but the product is much cleaner tasting and gulpable than Greater Than’s past efforts. Still, the product has stayed true to its roots, with a nice note of coconut water making something that’s a nice riff on a classic sports drink. Each flavor contains 50 calories and 10g of sugar per container, plus the key electrolytes that you’d expect to find in any sports drink. As for which flavor is best, we were most partial to the Orange Mango, but that’s really just a matter of preference.

Overall, this is a definite and meaningful step forward for Greater Than. With Gatorade still being the sports drink juggernaut and entrepreneurial brands such as Body Armor and Vita Coco being even more established than when Greater Than started, there’s certainly a big uphill battle ahead. But this latest rendition should give Greater Than what it needs to stay current and competitive. The product finally feels mature and comfortable with the niche that it’s serving.